What to Do After A Hit and Run Accident in South Carolina

Nov 27, 2019

The seconds after a car accident are scary and intense. However, your stress levels will increase if the other driver abruptly leaves the accident scene, leaving you without any way to contact them or hold them accountable for the crash. Unfortunately, hit and run accidents are still very common across the United States. It is important to act quickly after a crash to avoid footing the bill for any medical expenses or repairs to your vehicle. Here are some actions you should take after a hit and run accident in South Carolina.

Contact the Police

You should always call emergency services immediately after any car crash, especially if it is a hit and run accident. Law enforcement officers are very skilled at tracking down perpetrators, especially if you remember details about the car that fled the accident scene. If you can identify the make and model of the car and any damage that the vehicle may have sustained, then you could help the police find the driver more easily.

Write Down Everything You Remember About the Accident

The majority of things you remember about the accident will likely be listed in the police report. However, you should still take a few minutes to write down everything that you remember. It could potentially be useful to your South Carolina hit and run lawyer. Take note of the weather conditions, potential witnesses and anything you remember about the other driver involved in the accident.

It is especially helpful if you remember any of the vehicle’s identifying information. Even a few digits of a license plate number can be used to track down a driver when matched with the make, model and color of a vehicle.

Contact a South Carolina Hit and Run Attorney

The longer you wait to seek compensation after a hit and run accident, the more time it will take to track down the other driver. Your insurance company should cover your medical bills and property damage under your uninsured motorist coverage. However, you will still have to pay the deductible if the other driver is not found. An insurance company is more likely to offer you a solution to this problem if you have an attorney present.

Provide Any Requested Documentation

Throughout this process, you may have to provide additional information to your insurance company, the police or your attorney. It is important to respond to any requests as quickly as possible. If the other driver is located, then your testimony and gathered evidence may be needed to build a case against them.

Our South Carolina Hit and Run Lawyers Offer You Legal Assistance

Working with an attorney can help minimize your stress after a hit and run accident. Reach out to our South Carolina hit and run lawyers to obtain legal assistance after this difficult experience. Call us today at (803) 324-7200, or contact us online for a free initial consultation.