Burn Injuries

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1.1 million people receive some form of medical attention for a burn injury every single year. Some of these burns are minor and require minimal medical treatment to recover. However, a large number of these burn injuries are severe and life-threatening.

In 2016, over 40,000 burn injuries were severe enough to warrant hospitalization. Furthermore, 30,000 were admitted to hospital burn centers.

Serious burn injuries can result in permanent scarring and disfigurement and a lifetime of pain and suffering. As such, injured accident victims need an experienced law firm on their side from the very start to help them obtain the money they need to recover after a serious burn injury. Contact an experienced burn injury attorney at our office now to set up a free consultation. You can call us now at 803-324-7200, fill out the form on our site or chat with us now.

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Understanding Burn Injuries & Causes

In general, there are three types of burn injuries. The type of burn injury is based on the severity of damage to the skin and underlying tissues.

  • First degree burn – superficial and only involve the top layer of skin. These burns are often red, painful to touch, and there may be mild swelling involved. A sunburn is a good example of a first degree burn.
  • Second degree burn – involve the first two layers of the skin. There is a deeper reddening of the skin, pain, blisters, and possible loss of skin.
  • Third degree burn – the most severe and involve penetrating the entire thickness of the skin. Tissue beneath is permanently destroyed.

There are numerous ways an individual can suffer a serious burn. However, the most common causes of burns include:

Serious burns that cover a large portion of the body can result in permanent disfigurement, scarring, and even death. Even moderate burns can become easy targets for serious infections that can be life-threatening.

Filing a Personal Injury Claim after a Burn

Sadly, up to 10,000 people in the United States die because of burn-related infections.

If you’ve suffered a serious burn injury, it is important to speak to an experienced South Carolina burn injury lawyer immediately. Insurance companies often try pressuring burn injury victims to sign a quick settlement before the true extent of their injuries are fully realized.

Never sign anything without first speaking to an attorney at the Law Offices of Wilkerson, Jones & Wilkerson. We know that burn injury victims need money to pay for medical expenses both now and in the future. You may need extensive surgeries, skin grafts, and rehabilitation in order to heal.

Even after years of treatment, therapy, and surgery, you may not ever fully recover. That’s why we work aggressively for our burn injury clients to ensure that they have the money they need every step of the way.

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Burn injuries are often severe and can cause horrific disfigurement requiring multiple surgeries and extensive rehabilitation. As such, burn injury victims need compassionate, yet aggressive legal assistance every step of the way.

If you have suffered a burn injury in an accident in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Lancaster, or anywhere in the state of South Carolina, you need an experienced Rock Hill burn injury attorney in your corner fighting for you. Call the Law Offices of Wilkerson, Jones & Wilkerson today at (803) 324-7200 (Rock Hill), (803) 289-7202 (Lancaster), (803) 396-5200 (Fort Mill), (864)466-5170 (Union) or fill out our confidential contact form. With offices conveniently located in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Union, and Lancaster, our burn injury attorneys are here when you need us.