Troubling News About Traffic Accidents in South Carolina

Dec 14, 2018

Traffic Accidents In South Carolina

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According to the 2015 South Carolina Crash Statistics Clock, there is a traffic collision:

  • taking place in our state every 3.9 minutes
  • causing injuries every 13.9 minutes in South Carolina, with someone being injured every 9 minutes
  • damaging property in South Carolina every 5.5 minutes
  • leading to at least one fatality every 9.6 hours, with someone being killed once every 8.9 hours

Here are additional concerning collision statistics from the same source:

  • Someone is killed in a DUI accident (.08+) every 29.1 hours
  • A teen driver is involved in a fatal or injury collision every 1.3 hours
  • One unrestrained motor vehicle occupant is killed every 27.5 hours
  • One bicyclist is killed every 22.8 days
  • One motorcyclist is killed every 2.6 days
  • One pedestrian is killed every 2.9 days
  • One child under the age of six is seriously injured or killed every 7 days

Increasing Numbers of Accidents

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Traffic fatalities increased from 823 in 2014 to 979 in 2015, which is a 19 percent increase. Plus, by looking at fatalities in another way, via the death rate by mileage, this also increased: from 1.65 deaths per million vehicle miles of travel in 2014 to 1.89 in 2015.

Traffic-related injuries also increased, with 58,604 in 2015, a 10.5 percent increase from the previous year.

Traffic collisions are the cause of economic loss in South Carolina, as well, measuring in the billions of dollars every year. This is because of associated medical costs, lost productivity and property damage, which doesn’t even begin to factor in the intangibles such as grief and suffering.

The economic impact is also increasing in our state: $4.12 billion in 2015, up by 15 percent from 2014.

Why South Carolina?

Traffic Accidents In South Carolina

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“Rural roadways, speeding and careless driving could be making South Carolina among the deadliest states in the nation for drivers.” (

This 2016 article cites a study that uses National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data – one that ranks South Carolina drivers as the third worst in the nation. This is the fifth year for this study, and South Carolina has landed in the five top worst spots for the past four years. Even more troubling, our state ranked first for the vehicular fatality rate when using the most recent data available. Drunk driving? Tenth. Speeding and careless driving? Seventh.

Another report shows that, by August 2016, every county in South Carolina already had one or more traffic fatalities for the year to date.

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