Initial Consultations with Attorneys in South Carolina

Oct 28, 2016

Let’s say you’ve already done your initial research as we recommended in our blog post, How to Choose an Attorney in Rock Hill, SC (or anywhere else in the US) and you’ve got three lawyers that seem like good possibilities to assist you with your particular legal issue. Your next step is the consultation. Most firms will allow for a brief consultation about your case at no cost to you. Make the most of this opportunity to learn what your case may involve and the unique approach each of your three chosen firms might take. By engaging in this process, you can choose your lawyer based on their responses to questions you have. Below are some suggestions as to how to proceed:

Inquire about specific expertise. After introducing yourself and your legal concern, inquire about the experience the attorney has with cases like yours. What percentage of his or her caseload is dedicated to your particular issue?

Clarify how payments and fees are handled. Most lawyers understand that financing is a concern for clients and will appreciate having the opportunity to discuss things upfront so, if you have questions, ask. Find out how fees are structured and the specific cost to you as well as any additional payments to cover things like postage, filing fees and so forth. Also inquire if there will be anyone else working on your case and their rates. Find out how often you will be billed and if there is a written fee or representative agreement for clients to complete. Knowing this information from the beginning will empower you to make better judgments about whom you hire and how you proceed with your case.

Ask how communication will be handled. Learn what protocol the firm has in place to keep you informed of developments in your case and how much access you will have to your lawyer as things proceed. If other staff will be involved in this process, ask about their roles and the division of tasks relating to your specific legal matter.

Request references from other clients. If possible, ask to contact someone whose legal issue was similar to your own. Take the time to follow up with a previous client to ensure that you are putting your case in competent hands.

Once the interview is over, you need to ask yourself some key questions:

Does the lawyer have the expertise you need?

Was his or her manner professional, courteous and knowledgeable?

Do you feel confident that he or she could represent you effectively?

Are you at ease with the way fees and payments are structured, as well as the terms of the representative agreement?

Was the ambiance of the office positive, with a friendly, productive staff, and an orderly, well run work environment?

South Carolina Lawyers of Choice for Personal Injury and Civil Litigation Cases

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At the Law Offices of F. Craig Wilkerson, Jr., we value cultivating excellent client relationships. That is why we make a consultation with our law office available to you at no cost. Having the right person to advocate for you during a stressful time can make a huge difference.

We welcome inquiries about car accidents, workers’ compensation and wrongful death, as well as medical malpractice, nursing home negligence and more personal injury and civil litigation issues. Contact our South Carolina attorneys online or call us at (803) 324-7200 (local in Rock Hill), (803) 289-7202 (local Lancaster) or (803) 396-5200 (local Fort Mill).

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