Getting the Compensation You Deserve Following a Burn Injury

Oct 1, 2019

There are few things more painful than suffering a severe burn injury. Victims that suffer from these injuries can take weeks, months, and sometimes years to recover. Some will never recover fully, and instead suffer from permanent disfigurement. 

Because of the seriousness of burn injuries, those found responsible are required to provide compensation — sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars worth.

However, in many cases, you must prove the defendant was guilty of negligence or recklessness in a court of law before recovering your compensation.

Proving Negligence

A burn injury lawsuit is a specific type of personal injury lawsuit, which is typically filed when the negligence of another person leads to serious injury or wrongful death. 

Proving negligence is, unfortunately, not as simple as giving a sworn testament. You must prove that (1) the defendant owed you a certain duty of care, (2) that duty of care was violated, and (3) that violation led directly to your injuries.

For example, if you were driving on the roadway, other drivers automatically owe you a certain duty of care. That duty of care is violated when another driver causes an accident. If that accident led directly to your burn injury, you can prove negligence in court.

It’s important to note that, in cases where a manufacturer or defective product is responsible for your burn injury, the process is quite different and may not require proof of negligence. An experienced personal injury attorney can help sort through the details and gather information to assist in building your case.

Types of Compensation

Should you win your burn injury lawsuit, there are several types of compensation you may be awarded. These include:

  • Medical Bills — The defendant may be responsible for paying your medical bills, including surgeries, medication, and long-term care. He or she may also be responsible for any future medical bills you incur due to your injury. This number will be estimated, so the court can render a full decision.
  • Loss of Income — When you suffer from a serious injury, you miss work. When you miss work, you lose income necessary to pay your bills. The defendant may be responsible for this missed time.
  • Property Damage — If the fire that caused your burn injuries also led to the destruction of your property, the defendant will likely be held responsible for footing the bill. This includes your home, personal property, equipment, or vehicle.
  • Disfigurement or Disability — Because burn injuries can so often lead to life-long damage, the defendant may be required to compensate for disfigurement or disability. This type of compensation is less tangible, but can amount to thousands of dollars.
  • Pain and Suffering — Much like disfigurement or disability, there is no surefire way to measure the amount of pain and suffering your injury caused. However, the defendant may be required to compensate for the emotional damage that came with your physical injury. Again, this type of compensation can be quite exhaustive, bringing your total to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Contact an Experienced Burn Injury Lawyer for Assistance

Have you or a loved one been the victim of a burn injury caused by a negligent or reckless party? You deserve compensation for your pain and suffering. For representation, contact our team of South Carolina burn injury lawyers at The Law Offices of F. Craig Wilkerson Jr. in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Lancaster, or Union by calling (803)-324-7200.

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