South Carolina Slip and Fall Attorney

An Accident Waiting to Happen

Slip-and-fall claims are among the most difficult personal injury cases in South Carolina. Under South Carolina law, the burden is on the victim to prove that the property owner knew of the safety hazard and ignored it (or should have known of the hazard), or caused the hazard. Additionally, when someone falls and is injured severely, the injured person is usually most focused on getting to a hospital, not on collecting witness statements and trying to ascertain why he or she fell. The store or premises owner, in all likelihood, is doing just that and preparing a case before you make it to the hospital.

If you suffered serious injury (disfigurement, broken bones or injuries requiring surgery) contact the experienced slip and fall attorneys at our law firm immediately to attempt to preserve evidence important to your claim for damages, or call our office directly at 803-324-7200.

Slip & Fall Claims What Did the Store Do Wrong?

How can you determine if your claim merits further investigation, which would lead to our firm sending send professionals to document the property defect or hazard?

The law holds property owners responsible for “reasonably safe” conditions, which may give them a benefit of the doubt  and the burden of proof may be on you as the Plaintiff. There may have been a violation of building codes,  or the dangerous condition should have been discovered in routine maintenance and inspection.

Perhaps the owner/manager had ample time to address the situation. A recent spill in the grocery store aisle may not be grounds for a slip-and-fall lawsuit, but a leaking cooler or a freshly mopped floor with no caution cones may be. Every case is unique.

Speed Is Essential

The important thing is to seek medical treatment and begin investigation of an accident  as soon as possible. We want to get to the scene to document the dangerous condition and talk to witnesses while the incident is fresh in their memory. If the victim had seen the danger, he or she probably would never have fallen. Contact our slip and fall lawyers online or call us directly at 803-324-7200 for a free case evaluation.