Welcome Our Newest Personal Injury Attorney: Luke Knight

Luke Wright, personal injury attorney

We’re pleased to announce that Luke Knight will now be working in our Rock Hill and Lancaster offices. His experience as the staff attorney in the Lancaster County Sheriff Department along with his extensive jury trial experience in the Solicitor’s Office, 6th Judicial Circuit, will be a real asset to all of his personal injury clients.

“After gaining my experience in the courtroom,” Luke shares, “it just made sense to work for a private practice where I could help people.” When asked why he chose the Law Offices of F. Craig Wilkerson, Jr., he said it was the family-like environment at the practice. “I wanted to work at a firm that cares about people. I come from a big family where family is important, so this was a key consideration for me.”

Luke only has two siblings, so the “big family” comment might seem puzzling at first. “But,” Luke says, “my mother has more than 40 first cousins – and my father also has more than 40. My cousins feel like siblings to me, and I’ve got a whole lot of them.” His family has been part of Lancaster County since the big immigration wave of the Scotch-Irish that occurred during the 1750s-1760s.

When Luke attended the Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida, he got an unexpected bonus: meeting an undergraduate student named Tina. In fact, the two of them got married and are expecting their first child in the fall. The couple also has a Boykin Spaniel named Hank. This breed is the South Carolina state dog and, keeping it all in the family, a television show about this breed was actually filmed at Luke’s aunt’s house.

Luke and his wife bought a 19th-century farmhouse not far from his extended family and they’ve been busy restoring the home. “We also lease out pasture land,” he says, “and help care for the cows that feed there.” Luke enjoys being outdoors, hunting and fishing, and is a huge fan of University of South Carolina football – as well as a confirmed history buff.

In Need of a South Carolina Personal Injury Attorney?

Luke Knight handles cases, statewide. He will be working from the Rock Hill and Lancaster offices. For an appointment with Luke, please call 803-324-7200 or 803-289-7202. Or email lknight@fcwlaw.com today.