South Carolina Construction Accident Lawyer

South Carolina Workers' Compensation Lawyer

Workplace and construction site accidents can result in catastrophic injuries, not just for the construction workers but also for delivery people and other visitors to the site. What’s in common with all of these scenarios is someone being hurt at work or on the job site. This means that auto accidents occurring while on the clock may also be covered by both workers’ compensation and negligence actions.

If you have been injured at work, you may need a workers’ compensation attorney to help you bring a claim against those responsible for your injuries and to explain how the process works. This is important because most people in this situation will need help in securing replacement income for lost salary and for paying the medical bills. Does this sound like you?

Generally speaking, workers’ compensation claims tend to be resolved more quickly than most wreck cases, but tend not to pay as much in damages. For the most part, damages are awarded by statutory computation. There should be temporary payments to provide income while you seek treatment and progress towards MMI (medical maximum improvement). Typically these temporary wages are two thirds of your income. Theoretically, this should keep you in the same income bracket as you were before the injury because taxes are not deducted.

In addition to workers’ compensation claims, there may be third party tort actions available. The workers’ compensation claim should be completed as the carrier may have a subrogation lien on a third party claim. These claims may include pain and suffering and punitive damages aspects.

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Types of Construction Accident Injuries

Workers’ compensation applies to accidents that occur at work including:

Even if you weren’t working on the construction site but were there as part of your job, your work-related injury may entitle you to workers’ compensation.

Bringing a Claim against the Responsible Parties

You are not limited to just a claim for workers’ compensation. You may also have a claim against other parties who were responsible for your injuries. There are many parties who might be liable, such as:

  • Site owners
  • General contractors
  • Suppliers
  • Architects

In South Carolina, all of your work-related injury lawsuits must be coordinated with the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Commission. If you were injured on the job, we can coordinate your workers’ compensation claim with your claims against other parties so you do not forfeit any of your rights to recovery.

Regardless of whether you were injured at work or just as a visitor to the construction site, we will investigate the circumstances surrounding your claim and help you bring a claim against all of the responsible parties. Contact our South Carolina workers’ compensation attorney to discuss your scaffolding or forklift injuries. Or call our firm at 803-324-7200 (local Rock Hill) or 803-289-7202 (local Lancaster) for a free consultation.