Let Our Personal Injury Attorneys Advocate for You in Cherokee County

After the shock of a personal injury sinks in – whether the injury happened to you personally or to a loved one – you may not know how to respond. After all, this is a traumatic event of significance. If you’re ready to get fair compensation for your injuries, along with medical expense coverage, then contact our Cherokee County attorneys. This is exactly what we handle, and we guide you throughout the entire legal process.

Step one is a free case evaluation when we learn the specifics of your situation.

Step two is when we create a plan to aggressively represent you and advocate for you. If necessary, we can take you all the way to the South Carolina Supreme Court. We’ve got experience in doing exactly that, so we don’t back down from tough cases.

Schedule a free case evaluation online with our Cherokee County personal injury lawyers or call us at 864-210-1779. If you’d like to contact a specific office, call:

  • 803-324-7200 (Rock Hill)
  • 803-396-5200 (Fort Mill)
  • 803-289-7202 (Lancaster)

Personal Injury Cases We Handle

These are the typical types of cases we take on, but it is not a comprehensive list. If you don’t see your situation listed, contact us. Let’s talk.

What Comes After Your Free Case Evaluation

As mentioned above, step 1 is the evaluation and step 2 is our law firm creating a plan. Typical next steps include the investigation stage that includes our:

  • relentlessly gathering evidence
  • researching case law
  • interviewing witnesses
  • deposing witnesses
  • doing whatever else is needed for your case

We then file motions, pleadings and more. If it’s in your best interests to settle out of court, then we aggressively advocate for you to get the best settlement possible. If your case goes to court, we will represent you throughout the process.

If You’re in Need of Cherokee County Attorneys

Our attorneys are experienced in South Carolina law with a broad spectrum of personal injury expertise. We have three offices: Rock Hill, Fort Mill and Lancaster. Before you talk any more to anyone else about your case, contact us online or call us today at 864-210-1779; if you’d like to contact a specific office, call:

  • 803-324-7200 (Rock Hill)
  • 803-396-5200 (Fort Mill)
  • 803-289-7202 (Lancaster)