South Carolina Wrongful Death Attorney

Justice for a Preventable Tragedy

If insurance companies were always fair, there would be no need to hire a lawyer after a family member’s fatal accident. In reality, you may need legal representation to demand rightful compensation for a wrongful death.

Unfortunately, when a catastrophe strikes, the last thing on your mind is hiring a lawyer or investigating the scene while the evidence is fresh.

This Can’t Wait
Everyone has the tendency to put off legal action in the midst of a family tragedy. But prompt investigation is critical to proving liability and assessing damages. Contact our wrongful death lawyers today if you believe you have grounds for a wrongful death action. Let us handle the investigation while you grieve.

Experienced Wrongful Death Attorney

Wrongful death claims for all types of preventable deaths:

  • Car accidents, including deadly crashes caused by drunk drivers or roadway hazards
  • Commercial truck accidents
  • DUI
  • Train wrecks
  • Motorcycle crashes
  • Medical malpractice
  • Nursing home negligence
  • Construction accidents and work-related deaths
  • Electrocution or drowning

There are two potential claims that can result from a fatal accident: a survival action on behalf of the deceased’s estate for the medical bills and pain and suffering prior to death, and a wrongful death claim on behalf of a spouse, dependent children or parents for the funeral costs, lost earning capacity and the lost contributions of that person to family life.

Many survivors have unrealistic expectations about wrongful death compensation, or don’t know what to expect or where to start. We can provide a free case evaluation and give answers about the potential damages, liability, the lawsuit process and the merits of your claim.

Our goal is take on the burden so clients can tend to their grieving and healing. Please contact our wrongful death lawyers as soon as possible or call us at 803-324-7200 to start the investigation.