South Carolina Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Full Compensation for Motorcycle Crash Victims

Motorcyclists often don’t get the benefit of the doubt in motorcycle wrecks. Adding insult to serious injury, people tend to assume the injured biker must have been at fault. Many wrecks occur because the motorist simply never sees the bike. It is not unusual for a motorcycle rider to be seriously injured, even in a minor wreck.

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Strong Advocacy for Motorcycle Accident Victims

Motorcycle collisions rarely result in minor injuries. We have all seen the catastrophic outcomes: broken legs and arms, amputated limbs, closed head injury, facial injuries, severe road rash … or worse: fatal injuries.

We emphasize prompt investigation to preserve evidence and talk to witnesses to overcome any bias against motorcyclists. Common causes of motorcycle accidents may be:

  • Cars pulling out or turning left into a biker who has the right of way
  • Motorcyclists hit while parked on the shoulder
  • Riders sideswiped or forced off the road
  • Drivers following too close to stop
  • Roadway defects
  • Items falling from vehicles causing a crash

Medical treatment is also critical to securing rightful damages. We encourage immediate treatment and follow-through, including taking pictures of the bruises and abrasions (road rash) at intervals to show the lasting impact and long recovery. Document your injuries ASAP.

Let Your Motorcycle Accident Attorney Handle the Hassles

Insurance coverage can be the biggest barrier to full compensation. Craig Wilkerson pursues all possible policies of the driver, motorcyclist and third parties to cover the losses. This includes examining the terms of your own policy, such as uninsured/underinsured coverage (UM/UIM) and whether coverage on other vehicles can be “stacked.”

We know that motorcycle accidents are devastating and disabling. Let the Law Offices of F. Craig Wilkerson Jr. deal with the insurance companies and handle the details. Contact our motorcycle accident lawyers immediately for a free case evaluation.