Workers’ Compensation Watch Points Out Holiday Hazards

Dec 1, 2016

It’s the holiday season, with stores often being packed with shoppers. Although this is great for a company’s bottom line, it can create hazards for retail workers, and Workers’ Compensation Watch points out several of them.

First, retail workers might find themselves scheduled to work an overnight shift, and the National Institutes of Health found that injury risk is actually 30 percent higher when someone is working overnight, rather than a day shift. Then there is overtime. With so many shoppers in line, retail workers may work overtime hours, and a British study showed that injuries rose exponentially each hour past the standard eight. This can also be an issue when a fulltime employee takes on a part-time retail job during the holidays, thereby working longer days.

As another article from the same publication points out, one study showed that temporary employees are two to three times as likely to be injured at work. Another company discovered that 65 percent of lost-time injuries happened within the first quarter year of employment.

Dealing with Holiday Stress

Extended hours and long lines can add stress to a retail worker’s like, especially during the busy holidays that come with its own stressors. If you’re in that situation, here are tips from to help you deal with the stress.

Although this tip isn’t first in their list, it’s important. If a customer is difficult for no reason, it’s not your fault. Don’t take it personally. If there is a line, smile at the people waiting but stay focused on your current customer. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing, get your own shopping done early, and remember that this income is what helps you to provide for your own family’s holiday celebrations.

Need a South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Attorney?

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