Top Phone Safety Features You Can Enable to Prevent Distracted Driving

Feb 27, 2020

Photo of a Woman Driving Distracted in South Carolina

Do you routinely send texts, answer emails or make phone calls while driving? If so, then you are increasing your likelihood of being involved in a serious car accident. Thus, you should take advantage of the safety features that are on your cell phone and limit the number of distractions in your car. Here are a few functional apps and features that you can use to help prevent distracted driving accidents.


If you are tempted to respond to text messages while driving, then you need to enact your cell phone’s auto-response feature. This built-in feature allows you to create an automatic response while driving. However, there are numerous apps that also allow you to provide automatic responses. These apps typically activate when your vehicle travels at a certain rate of speed. They also silence your phone and prevent notifications from distracting you while you drive. Some helpful apps to check out include:

Safe Driving Rewards Apps

Along with using autoresponders, you can also use apps that reward you for safe driving. These apps have built-in reward systems designed to incentivize you to quit driving distracted. For example, apps like Milez allow parents to reward their teens for driving without their cell phones. Every 200 miles of distracted-free driving results in a monetary award sent to the teen’s bank account. Other apps that help prevent distracted driving include LifeSaver and TextNinja.

Other Features to Prevent Distracted Driving

  • Airplane mode. Another option for preventing distracted driving is to use your phone’s airplane mode. Flicking your phone into airplane mode will turn off certain features while you drive, preventing notifications from distracting you.
  • Do not disturb mode. Similar to airplane mode, your phone should also have a built-in “Do Not Disturb” mode. For example, Android phones can silence calls, alerts and media sounds when the phone is in this particular mode. Also, iPhone users can download an app called Driving Detective to notice when a person is moving in a vehicle. The app will then activate the iPhone’s built-in “Do not disturb” function.

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