South Carolina Insurance Claim Attorney: We Fight for You

May 9, 2017


You do the right thing, buying insurance policies to cover yourself in case of a car accident or other unforeseen event. Unfortunately, sometimes the unforeseen actually happens – and, to compound the problem, your insurance company doesn’t want to pay out more than the bare minimum.

So, what do you do?

You need a professional on your side, someone experienced to help you decipher the jargon contained in your insurance policy and determine the fair payout. Insurance companies are in the business of being profitable, so they will want to pay the least amount possible – which can be catastrophic to you, the policy holder.

Step one is to contact the Law Firm of F. Craig Wilkerson, Jr. online or by phone:

We will set up an appointment for you and an insurance claim attorney will review your policies with you, in person – and then aggressively represent you so that you can receive what you deserve.

Be Proactive!

Rather than waiting for a potential catastrophe to happen, we invite you to set up an appointment with an attorney for insurance policy review. This is a service that we regularly provide clients. We often find mistakes in the policies and/or areas in which a client is underinsured but not aware of that fact.

The benefit of having a South Carolina insurance litigation attorney review your policies is that, because we are not involved in the sale of them, we can provide an objective look at your coverage and make appropriate recommendations to protect you and your family.

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