Preventing the Tragedy of Drunk Driving Accidents

May 16, 2017

How many of you, we wonder, have heard this phrase? “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk.” If so, that’s not especially surprising since this campaign began in 1983. Another slogan has been “Drinking & Driving Can Kill a Friendship.”

Both are heartbreakingly true – and, since this anti-drunk-driving campaign began in 1983, more than 68 percent of Americans have tried to stop someone else from driving because he or she had been drinking. This clearly confirms the need for continuing education about the dangers of drunk driving.

Are you wondering how successful these Ad Council messages have been? Well, there’s good news and bad news. The good news includes that, between 2005 and 2013, the number of young men who said they would always “get a ride, taxi, or use public transport rather than drive if they felt buzzed increased from 38 percent to 40 percent.”

The bad news is that, every 51 minutes, someone is killed in a drunk driving accident. Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) shares that two out of every three people will, at some point in their lifetime, be affected by drunk driving. This takes a staggering toll on people’s lives, emotionally, and the economic toll reflects that, as well, with a figure of $52 billion in costs from drunk-driving-related injuries and deaths.

We All Need to Help Prevent Drunk Driving Accident

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We can’t encourage you strongly enough to do what you can to help prevent drunk driving accidents from occurring. Here’s some guidance.

State Farm provides helpful tips on how to spot drunk drivers on the road. These include drivers who are:

  • Making wide turns
  • Weaving, swerving, drifting, or straddling the center line
  • Almost striking an object or vehicle
  • Driving on the wrong side of the road
  • Driving at a very slow speed
  • Stopping without cause
  • Braking erratically
  • Responding slowly to traffic signals
  • Turning abruptly or illegally
  • Driving after dark with headlights off

Drunk Driving Prevention suggests that one of the most effective ways to prevent drinking and driving is this: to encourage people who will be including alcoholic drinks in their evenings out to come up with a transportation plan before leaving home. Coming up with a plan too late in the evening isn’t very effective. “Since alcohol impairs judgment and reasoning,” the article shares, “it is imperative that you come up with a solid plan regarding how you will get to and from where you need to go after you’ve been drinking.”

Finally, one of the best ways to prevent tragedy and grief is to educate your children and teenagers about the dangers of drunk driving. Ways to reinforce this message include:

  • Refusing to serve alcohol to minors or to ever condone this practice
  • Knowing where your child or teen is going and how he or she will be getting back home
  • Sticking to a curfew and waiting up until your child or teen comes back home
  • Teaching your children to never ride with someone who has been drinking
  • Working with other parents in the community to help prevent unsupervised parties
  • Keeping any alcohol in your home under lock and key

We Advocate for Drunk Driving Victims


If you or a loved one have been affected by a drunk driver, you need an experienced attorney to aggressively pursue compensation for your injuries. We provide drunk driving victims with dedicated representation and a thorough investigation. This can include taking photos of the accident scene, reviewing police reports, interviewing witnesses, or whatever else is needed for your specific situation. This is how we build evidence for a jury trial.

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