Personal Injury from Truck Crashes Rising

May 9, 2017

Truck crashes that cause injury and even fatality have been climbing over recent years, after a lengthy period of declining numbers. We took a look at a 2015 Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration report (the 2016 data isn’t on the site yet) that focuses on accidents involving large trucks or buses – and we’re seeing significant increases, especially since 2009. Here are more specifics.

  • The number of crashes with injuries increased by 62 percent (when looking at data from 2009 to 2015)
  • The number of large trucks/buses involved in fatal crashes is up by 26 percent (when looking at data from 2009 to 2015)
  • When you simply look at the number of large trucks/buses involved in fatal crashes from 2014 to 2015, there is an increase of 8 percent

Truck Accident Victims

Injury victims of trucking accidents face many challenges, including the associated costs. These include medical expenses, often including hospitalization, vehicle damages – which can be substantial with truck crashes, with vehicles often totaled – and lost wages when someone is unable to work for a period of time. Sometimes, there is even permanent disability involved. And, if a loved one is killed in a truck crash, this is tragic for the family, and a lifetime of lost wages becomes a harsh reality.

Truck Accident Settlements

No two accidents are ever identical, but there are certain causes that are more typical than others. In some cases, a truck accident may happen because of weather conditions. Other times, the driver has been driving too long and is fatigued. Some drivers are more careless than others and some have less experience and/or training then others. Sometimes, the truck itself malfunctions, perhaps in the steering mechanism; other times, cargo is loaded incorrectly. Still other times, a blown tire is the culprit. In some instances, the truck driver was following traffic laws. Other times, he or she speeds, runs a red light or otherwise breaks a law. Some truck drivers have previously clean driving records. Others do not.

If the victim of an accident decides to pursue legal remedies against a driver, the outcome of the case and the resulting truck accident settlement varies significantly based on the factors we just listed – as well as other, sometimes less common, factors.

Truck Crash Claim Investigation

When an accident and subsequent injury occurs, it’s important that an investigation on behalf of the accident victim is done, independently of the trucking company’s investigation – and quickly. Elements of a quality investigation typically include:

  • Accident site visits
  • Review of log book entries and inspection reports
  • Review of black box recorders
  • Study of law enforcement reports

Specialists may need to be hired, including professional investigators and engineers, plus accident reconstruction experts.

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