Intermediate Bicycling in the Great Outdoors in South Carolina

Oct 5, 2017

In our last post, we discussed the best South Carolina trails for casual and relaxed biking. If you’re looking for a bigger challenge, try these five bicycle routes for intermediate riders.

Forks Area Trail System – Clarks Hill, SC

One of the most extensive networks of trails in the state, the Forks Area Trail System (FATS) has six loops ranging from five to eight miles long, with 37 miles of rideable trail overall. FATS received an Epic rating from the International Mountain Biking Association in 2009 and hosted their annual World Mountain Bike Summit in 2010.

Two of the best trails for intermediate riders are the Brown Wave and Great Wall trails. The Brown Wave is one of the most popular trails in FATS due to the number of small “waves” in the trail that make for a fast yet exciting ride. The Great Wall is slightly more technical, with a variety of fast downhill sections, small “waves,” and tight turns.

Paris Mountain State Park – Greenville, SC

Paris Mountain State Park also contains a network of trails that are perfect for intermediate cyclists looking to improve their biking skills. Most trails in the park are less than three miles long, but cyclists can easily plan a route along multiple trails for a longer and more varied ride. The 2.4-mile Brissy Ridge loop is especially popular for cyclists. It’s a slightly technical trail with moderate climbs and a few rocks and roots to look out for. The shorter North Lake Loop is also suited for mountain biking. Only 1.2 miles long, this trail is less technical and more scenic than Brissy Ridge.

The Knot, Poinsett State Park – Wedgefield, SC

Despite its location in the generally flat Midlands of South Carolina, Poinsett State Park has trails as rocky and exciting as those upstate. The most popular mountain biking trail in Poinsett is the Knot, a dense network of trails with seven sections to give riders multiple route options. The Knot features well-marked trails, a few moderate climbs, speedy descents and many scenic views of the rest of the park.

Issaqueena Lake – Central, SC

The area around Issaqueena Lake hosts nearly forty miles of trails for cyclists. The main Issaqueena Lake Trail is a fairly flat 4.9-mile loop suitable for more casual riders. Other areas, such as the 20-mile Northern Issaqueena Trail and 2.7-mile Triple Creek Trail, contain more technical sections with large gaps, root sections and switchbacks.

Long Cane Horse Trail – Greenwood, SC

Long Cane Horse Trail is a 27-mile trail shared by cyclists and horseback riders. The northern end of the trail is most commonly used for cycling and includes technical challenges such as log-overs, creek crossing and root sections.

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