Expert Bicycling in the Great Outdoors in South Carolina

Oct 5, 2017

5 Trails for Expert Bicycling in the Great Outdoors in South Carolina

We recently published two lists of the best South Carolina bicycle trails for casual and intermediate riders. If you’re an expert cyclist looking for new challenges around the state, here are five trails for advanced riders.

Spider Woman II, Harbison State Forest – Columbia, SC

Spider Woman II, Harbison State Forest - Columbia, SC

A hidden gem in Harbison State Forest, Spider Woman II is a steep and difficult trail that is perfect for bicyclists looking for a challenge. The 2.2-mile trail contains steep climbs and descents, switchbacks and several root sections. The most unique part of Spider Woman II is the natural rock garden near the western end of the trail, which provides an obstacle course of exposed rocks and boulders.

Anne Springs Close Greenway – Fort Mill, SC

Anne Springs Close Greenway - Fort Mill, SC

Anne Springs Close Greenway is currently renovating and constructing new trails to create a better mountain biking experience. The Greenway has recently finished construction on the 3.1-mile Paradise Loop, the one-mile Tunnel Trail and the 0.3-mile Avery Loop, all of which were designed specifically for mountain biking. These trails are very technical single tracks featuring tight turns, creek crossings and multiple climbs.

Oconee Passage – Mountain Rest, SC

Oconee Passage - Mountain Rest, SC

This 3.5-mile trail begins in Oconee State Park and ends in the Oconee Station State Historical Site, a military and trading post built in the 1790s. The passage begins by following the ridgeline of Stumphouse Mountain. After about 1.5 miles of riding, you will reach the highlight of the trail: a rapid descent from the mountain in which the trail drops 1,000 feet in elevation in just over a mile. Before reaching the historical site, the passage intersects with the Station Cove Falls Trail, which cyclists can follow to a 60-foot tiered waterfall.

Croft State Park – Spartanburg, SC

Croft State Park - Spartanburg, SC

The 12 miles of biking trails in Croft State Park are some of the most challenging in the state. The Southside loop is the longest trail at 8.2 miles and is rated the second best mountain bike trail in South Carolina by users of It’s full of short climbs and downhill sections to help you gain speed, but it’s also very technical, with plenty of roots and rocks. The Idaho Pass is a short ridgeline trail that is possibly the most difficult section in the park, with creek crossings, 15-foot-long ditches, and log rides.

Modoc Trail – Edgefield, SC

Modoc Trail - Edgefield, SC

This 5.5 mile trail makes for another short yet very technical bike ride. Modoc Trail features several steep and rocky descents, twisting switchbacks, creek crossings and small bridges. For a longer route, start at the Hamilton Branch State Recreation Area to warm up on county and Forest Service roads for 4.5 miles before you reach the main trail.

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