Easy Bicycling in the Great Outdoors in South Carolina

Oct 5, 2017

If you’re looking for a fun and easy bike ride, check out these six trails:

Piedmont Medical Center Trail – Rock Hill, SC

This trail in Rock Hill is perfect for a short walk or bike ride. The 2.5-mile route follows the Catawba River, beginning at Rapid Run Road near Highway 21 and ending at the Riverwalk Trestle. The trail is ten feet wide and paved, making for a smooth and easy ride.

Rock Hill Outdoor Center Mountain Bike Course – Rock Hill, SC

Connected to the Piedmont Medical Center Trailhead is the Rock Hill Outdoor Center Mountain Bike Course, which offers trails for mountain bikers of all skill levels. With options for easy, intermediate and advanced routes, the seven-mile network of clay and gravel trails is perfect for beginners who want to work their way up to more technical riding.

Baxter Village Trail System – Fort Mill, SC

Baxter Village in Fort Mill is another great place to gradually improve your biking skills. The trail system has several easy routes such as the Blue Heron Trail and Powerline Trail for those looking for a simple, relaxing ride. When you’re ready for a bigger challenge, try the Carolina Thread Trail, which passes through forested and residential areas until it reaches the Catawba River.

Rocky Creek Trail – Great Falls, SC

This trail in Great Falls is a 1.5-mile route leading from Washington Street near the Republic Golf Course to Rocky Creek. Aside from one particularly steep section near the beginning of the trail, the terrain is easy for beginner mountain bikers. This route is particularly suited to those looking for scenic views of nature, featuring a waterfall and beautiful views of Rocky Creek. The trail also runs through land marked as an Important Bird Area by the National Audubon Society, so you will likely see some native wildlife during your ride.

Whippoorwill Trail, Poinsett State Park – Wedgefield, SC

For those looking for a longer ride in the wilderness, Whippoorwill Trail provides 5.3 miles of smooth terrain on gentle slopes. The trail is easy to access from Poinsett State Park campgrounds and is near restrooms and drinking water.

Cuddo Unit, Santee National Wildlife Refuge – Summerton, SC

The Cuddo Unit is one of the easiest ways to see extraordinary wildlife during your bike ride. This route is an eight-mile loop of relatively flat dirt road that is shared with motor vehicles. The Cuddo Unit is well worth sharing, however. While riding on this path through the Santee National Wildlife Refuge, you will have the opportunity to see bald eagles, wading birds, wild hogs or even alligators in their natural habitats.

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