How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Attorney

Dec 13, 2019

So, you’ve decided you need to seek legal assistance for your personal injury case. What are your next steps? How do you choose the right attorney?

First, do your research. Look for lawyers by asking friends and family members for recommendations and investigate the reputation of law practices by reading reviews and contacting your state bar association to determine which lawyers are in good standing.

Look for an attorney who focuses on personal injury cases. When you choose an experienced attorney, it is far more likely that he or she has dealt with cases like yours and will therefore handle your case properly.

Try to find a personal injury attorney in your geographical area because you’ll want to meet with him or her in person. Relying solely on phone calls and e-mail can make communication difficult and that may ultimately harm your case. Location becomes especially important if your case goes to court.

Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to a few lawyers, schedule consultations with your top choices. When you go to these consultations, be sure to bring all documents you have relating to your claim, including police reports, medical records and bills, income loss information, and all correspondence with the insurance company.

While at the consultation, ask whatever questions you have. You’ll want to make sure your personal injury attorney has experience, specifically with cases like yours. Also ask how many cases he or she expects to work on at the same time. It’s normal for attorneys to work on multiple cases at once, but you don’t want him or her to juggle too many cases while working on yours.

Be sure to discuss fees and talk about your settlement goal. Do you care more about getting as large a settlement as possible, no matter how long it takes? Or do you just want to get within a certain range as quickly and with as little hassle as possible? An experienced attorney will not be able to tell you precisely what settlement you might get, but he or she will have a sense about whether your expectations are reasonable or not.

The consultation is also a great time to get to know the personality of the attorney. Is he or she a careful listener? Do you feel comfortable talking to the attorney and asking questions? Does he or she seem to genuinely care about your case? These are important considerations when choosing an attorney.

South Carolina Personal Injury Lawyers

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