5 Critical Steps to Take After a Car Accident in South Carolina

May 15, 2020

It is often hard to think clearly in the immediate aftermath of a car crash. However, the choices you make in these moments can impact your ability to recover compensation for your injuries. It is important to know the exact steps to take after a car accident in South Carolina. Here are five actions that you can take that will help improve your chances for legal success.

Stop and Check for Injuries

Before doing anything else, you should check yourself for injuries after a car accident. Make note of any injuries that you are suffering from, and have a medical professional conduct a thorough examination. Documentation of your injuries can be used as evidence during settlement negotiations or at trial.

Call Emergency Services

After an accident, call 911 or use the SOS button in your vehicle to contact emergency services. You should do this even if no one appears to be seriously hurt. Serious injuries often do not show up until a medical examination is performed. Also, having the police respond to the accident scene gives you the opportunity to have a police report filed. This report will be useful if you decide to pursue a claim against the other party’s insurance company.

Collect As Much Evidence As Possible

The police report is an important piece of evidence. However, it may not provide enough evidence to prove that you were not at fault for the accident. Your South Carolina car accident lawyers will want as much evidence as you can gather. If you are able, then you should take pictures of the car accident, capturing as many angles and details as possible.

You should also consider taking a short video, as these are harder to manipulate and can strengthen your case. If any witnesses stop to help, then get their contact information. The testimony they provide may persuade the insurance company to settle or convince a judge or jury to rule in your favor.

Promptly Reach Out to an Attorney

It is crucial to reach out to a South Carolina car accident lawyer as quickly as you can. Once the other party’s insurance company realizes that he or she is at fault, then they will likely reach out to you with a settlement. Before you speak with the other party’s insurance provider, you should have an experienced attorney who can negotiate on your behalf. If you sign a release and agree to a settlement, then your opportunity to negotiate has passed. Working with an attorney ensures that you are not signing away any of your rights.

Refrain From Posting on Social Media

Insurance adjusters will look for any evidence that indicates you were not seriously injured after an accident. Even if you do not post about the incident itself, insurance adjusters or claims investigators may use your recent check-ins, photos or status updates to show that you are healthy and that your life was not seriously impacted by the crash. It is wise to stay off of social media until your lawyer tells you it is safe to post again.

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