South Carolina Lawyers for Highway Defects

Negligent Roadway Design and Maintenance/Single Car Accidents

Sometimes a roadway itself can cause an accident, rather than a reckless driver. The Law Offices of F. Craig Wilkerson Jr. handles car accident cases in which a highway defect was the main culprit or a contributing factor.

If you believe that road design or road work caused a serious or deadly crash, contact our personal injury attorneys quickly for a free case evaluation. The evidence may disappear quickly as roadway conditions change.

Personal Injury Attorney

The challenge of these cases is proving a cause-and-effect relationship between the accident and the highway defect, and determining who is responsible for the bad road condition.

Our firm has extensive experience in accident investigation and reconstruction, plus in-depth knowledge of highway design and construction standards. We may retain professionals to investigate the scene to document the design defect or hazardous condition before it is corrected or to re-create the condition if it has been repaired.

  • Steep drop-off to shoulder
  • Rollover
  • Unmarked tight curves or altered roadways
  • Missing, wrong or confusing traffic signs
  • Uneven pavement or debris from construction
  • Water pooling on the road
  • Improper signs

One common scenario is when a vehicle’s tire drops off the edge of the pavement on a curve with an illegally low shoulder. Often, the driver overcorrects and rolls the vehicle when fighting to get the car back on the road. Another cause may be road crews forgetting to put up or take down construction signs or cones.

South Carolina has limited liability for a highway defect, but private builders and private maintenance companies can be held liable for defective roadway design or dangerous road conditions in excess of South Carolina’s limited liability under the South Carolina Tort Claims Act.

Time Is of the Essence

Construction companies will act quickly after a car accident to correct the drop-off, signage or other hazard. Take pictures immediately. Contact our personal injury lawyers or call 803-324-7200 so that we can investigate. We offer a free consultation, including evening and weekends by appointment. Time is of the essence.