Colleton Personal Injury Attorney: Pursuing Fair Compensation

Perhaps you’ve been injured in a car accident – or a truck or motorcycle accident – or slipped and fallen. Or, maybe a loved one has had one of those experiences. In any case, you’re probably experiencing plenty of frustration and confusion, unsure of what to do next.

Well, before you do anything else, contact us. Don’t talk to the insurance agent again before receiving a free case evaluation from our law firm. We can discuss next steps, including the process for obtaining the fair compensation you’re entitled to (which includes medical expenses coverage).

So, if you’re in Colleton, let’s talk. Step one: schedule a free case evaluation online or call 843- 536-8682; if you’d like to contact a specific office, call:

  • 803-324-7200 (Rock Hill)
  • 803-396-5200 (Fort Mill)
  • 803-289-7202 (Lancaster)

Have You Experienced One of These?

The types of cases that our Colleton personal injury lawyers cover include the following:

You may not see your exact situation on the list. If so, don’t stress! Contact us.

Overview of the Personal Injury Case Process

Although no two cases are alike, here is a general overview that should be helpful.

  • Step one: a free case evaluation with one of our Colleton lawyers
  • Step two: our thorough investigation, including interviewing and deposing witnesses, and case law research
  • Step three: our firm handling filings, such as motions and pleadings
  • Step four: settlement, either in or out of court

If it’s in your best interests to settle out of court, we will fight for the best settlement possible. Or, if the case goes to court, we will provide aggressive representation.

Our Colleton attorneys take on the tough cases, even if that means going all the way to the South Carolina Supreme Court. We have experience in doing so and won’t shy away if that’s what it takes.

Contact Us Today

Our Colleton personal injury lawyers are experienced in South Carolina law, available for consultation in three offices: Rock Hill, Fort Mill and Lancaster. So, don’t delay. Contact us online or call us today at 843-536-8682; if you’d like to contact a specific office, call:

  • 803-324-7200 (Rock Hill)
  • 803-396-5200 (Fort Mill)
  • 803-289-7202 (Lancaster)